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event services state of proposals cover

Event Services State of Proposals

Ever wondered what transforms an event services bid from average to ace? So did we. So we dug into our database of winning proposals to find out.

Get the report that dissects the strategies and best practices that high-performing sales teams swear by to close more deals.

Landscaping State of Proposals

Ever wondered what transforms a landscaping bid from average to ace? So did we. So we dug into our database of winning proposals to find out.

Get the report that dissects the strategies and best practices that high-performing sales teams swear by to close more deals.

The Proposal Management Software Buyer's Guide

When researching proposal management solutions, you may feel like you’re going in circles. Let's fix that.

This guide explains what types of businesses need (or do not need!) proposal management software, along with the various benefits and competitive advantageous of adopting such a tool.

saas sales video series

Running a Successful (And Scalable) B2B SaaS Sales Organization

In a marketplace where the deck is stacked in the buyer’s favour, what do industry-leading sales organizations have in common?

Join Proposify’s CEO Kyle Racki and VP of Sales Daniel Hebert for a 5-part video series as they discuss what it takes for a modern SaaS company to succeed in B2B sales.

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The Sales Manager’s Guide to HR

Want tips for motivating your team? Curious which KPIs you should be measuring? Need advice on letting underperforming team members go?

This guide has the answers. Plus, a few unique strategies designed exclusively for sales managers like you.

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8 Steps to a Successful Sales Playbook

All-star sales managers know the quickest way to a powerhouse sales team is through a comprehensive sales playbook.

Our sales playbook template will help you join the club. Download it today and transform your team into deal-closing superstars.

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State of Cleaning Proposals

What is it about a winning cleaning services proposal that makes it stand out (and leave the competition in the dust) in a tight bidding race?

The answer is right here. Discover how you can put the data-driven strategies behind high-performing sales teams to work in your own bidding process.

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State of Digital Advertising Proposals

In the race to secure new and returning business in the fast-paced world of digital advertising and online media, what puts a winning proposal ahead of the competition?

We’ve crunched the numbers behind winning digital advertising pitches and proposals to analyze exactly what it is that makes them successful.

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State of SaaS Proposals

Tired of a haphazard proposal process that relies more on guesswork than evidence? You’re in the right place.

We’ve put the data behind a successful SaaS proposal process. Discover the report that analyzes exactly how winning SaaS proposals hit the mark.

the closers guide to winning proposals mock

The Closer's Guide to Winning Proposals

From creation to close and every deal-making moment in between, the Closer’s Guide to Winning Proposals is full of actionable advice to help optimize your team’s proposal process.

the definitive guide to freelance cover

The Definitive Guide to Going Freelance

Say goodbye to working for “the man” in the confines of an office and say hello to working on your own schedule, marching to the beat of your own drum, and having the rewards of all your hard work go straight into your own pocket and not someone else's.

the full scale agency mock

The Full Scale Agency

Hustling is one thing, struggling is entirely different. If you’re searching for ways to grow your agency without sacrificing your soul, your sanity, and your life savings, this book is for you.

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How does your proposal process stack up?

Curious to see how your proposal compares to industry standards and data-driven best practices? Finding out is as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. You answer a 5-minute survey about your team’s business proposal process.
  2. We send you a free, custom audit based on our insight and data from more than 2 million sales documents.
  3. You put the tips, tricks, and advice into action and level-up your proposal process.

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