The Proposify Proposal Audit

How does your team’s proposal process stack up against data-driven best practices? Answer this 5-minute survey and we’ll send you a custom audit of your proposals based on our insight and analysis of more than 2 million sales documents.

When a deal goes dark, there could be a hundred different reasons why. But what if the culprit was right under your nose?

Sometimes the fate of the deal hinges on a single document; one you and your sales team might deploy every day; one you may never give a passing thought: your business proposal.

This audit will help diagnose your proposal performance so you can put some data behind your proposal practice and some predictability back into your sales process.

Here’s how it works...

  • Spend 5 minutes answering some simple questions about your sales team’s proposal process.
  • We give you a free, custom proposal audit based on our analysis of 2+ million proposals.

You’ll see how your proposals stack up and learn how to optimize your process with tips and advice sure to streamline your team’s proposal workflow and increase your close rate.

Where does this data come from?

The Proposify Proposal Audit is fuelled by the proprietary data from our State of Proposals report. That means your audit is packed full of insights gleaned from more than 2.6 million sales documents and proposal best practices implemented by high-performing sales teams around the world.

Ready to take the guesswork out of your team’s proposal process and close more deals?

Let’s dive in.