Step up your sales game.

Proposify puts your team in the winner's circle by eliminating the tedious administrative work that takes away from the end goal: sending impressive proposals that close more deals.

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Simplified deal design so you can focus on the sale

Spend more time building relationships and less on building proposals. Proposify makes it easy to pull together impressive documents and makes you stand out from the competition.

Content Library

Your content awaits

Find the full framework to build compelling proposals with branded and organized templates, content, and image libraries. Quickly and easily compile what you need to tighten up your team’s turnaround.

Approval Workflow

Fast-track internal reviews

Stop slowing reps down with the chase of internal sign-offs. Set up your approval workflow and let Proposify hold the team accountable with notifications and reminders to keep the process moving and get that deal out the door faster.

Mobile App

Keeping you connected

The companion app is just that, a good friend you can count on to keep you in the loop and on top of the gossip. Get notified on deal interactions, see what is happening in the pipeline, and plan for the next big move.

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Proposals with e-signatures are 3.4 x more likely to close.


24% of proposals are viewed initially on a mobile device.


SaaS companies see a 173% increase in close rates when they include interactive tables.

Get ready to embrace a slicker sales process

Armed with insights and integrations, you can count on things to get a lot smoother. Proposify gives you the inside scoop on the prospect’s next move while keeping your team and deals up to date and moving forward.


Your closing crystal ball

Get insights into how prospects are interacting with your proposals and find out what could be costing you a quicker close. Discover how long they are spending on each section and be ready to make the next move when they are.


Syncing your CRM

No need to add more pages to the playbook. Proposify works with your CRM to keep opportunities updated and pull deal details from your single source of truth. Working with top players like Salesforce and HubSpot, you can automatically populate variables and keep proposals linked within the platform.


Continue the conversation

Connect your favorite chat app (Olark/Drift/Intercom) to Proposify to keep the conversation going within the proposal. You'll have a direct line of communication with prospects and leave them feeling fully supported through the sale.

metrics get proposal insights on prospects sync proposals with your crm chat with prospects within a proposal


Chris R

“Simple to draft, edit, organize, send and sign off on contracts. The user experience and simplicity of Proposify make it an easy tool to get work done in.”

Chris R
Business Development


“What an awesome tool! Every sales team needs this. Proposify is very intuitive and easy to set up, it just does what it should! With this proposal software delivering great-looking proposals to your audience is easier than ever before.”

Kai W


DeAnna M

“Amazing, professional software. Proposify enables me to execute beautiful contracts that are easy to navigate (and less overwhelming because of that), easy to upsell with by allowing the client to select additional services, and easier to close because they can sign the contract right there in the proposal!”

DeAnna M
Chief Global Strategist

Just keep winning

Clients will be so impressed with the personalized and interactive sales experience, not to mention how easy it is to seal the deal, that they'll keep coming back for more. Proposify makes it simple with e-signatures, payments, and renewal reminders so they feel the love even after the deal is done.

Interactive Quotes

Empower the prospect

Let the client upsell themselves with tailored pricing, optional add-ons, and flexible fees. They’ll feel in control and you’ll eliminate the back and forth that comes hand-in-hand with closing the deal.

Friendly Formats

Match their style

With customized emails and personalized links, your prospect can easily receive and review the proposal. If they prefer the old fashioned PDF, that’s ok too. We don’t judge. Don’t forget to set up reminders and thank you emails to show a little added attention.

Electronic Signatures

Signing made simple

Meet your new virtual handshake. You’ve done the heavy lifting and the client is ready to commit, the sign off should be a breeze. Even if you don’t know who’s holding the deal’s fate in their hands, you can use unassigned signatures to speed up the process and legally lock it down.

proposal pricing tables with optional fees customized proposal emails set unassigned esignatures on proposals
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Get your victory dance ready

Reach out for a demo and see how Proposify will help you master the close and a few cool moves along the way.