Proposal automation for fast, error-free sales documents and a more productive sales team.

If time kills all deals, then your sales team needs the proposal software that automates repetitive tasks, eliminates unnecessary bottlenecks, and clears the way for a more efficient workflow and active opportunities.

Custom Fields & Variables

Eliminate manual entry

Free your team from time-sucking manual work and reduce costly errors with custom fields and variables that auto-populate new proposals with accurate details like client and company names. Plus our Salesforce integration makes pulling complex fees into proposals foolproof.

connect your proposals to your crm
Content Library

Store approved content in one easy-to-access location

Save product descriptions, case studies, fees, images, and even entire proposals in one central place, so your whole team’s working with the same sales collateral. At-their-fingertips content means reps can easily find what they need when they need it, make fewer errors, and aren’t forced to reinvent the wheel with every new proposal.

keep proposal content in a content library
Advanced Insights

Keep deals from dying with advanced prospect insights

Discover how prospects are interacting with proposals with our metrics and notifications. We tell reps the second their prospects open, read, and esign their sales documents, plus how long they spent reading each section. Armed with this information, reps will know the best time to follow up and the objections they may face when they do.

get visibility into the closing stage of your deals with proposal software
Electronic Signatures

Zero-hassle, totally secure electronic signatures

Triple your close rate by adding electronic signatures to your proposals without the added hassle of wrangling yet another piece of software. Proposify lets you set up legally binding, electronic signatures that reps can drag and drop into any proposal, and clients can sign in seconds, from any device.

esignatures get 32 percent faster sign-off

Productivity beyond proposals

Crank your workflow into automation overdrive by building dozens of different sales documents in Proposify. Our streams feature lets you organize estimates, signed contracts, RFPs, and more into unique categories that are separate from revenue-related deals so you can make all your documents more dynamic and never worry about gumming up your sales pipeline in the process.

sort and filer proposals
P blue suit coffee is for closers

It’s about more than just proposals—it’s about world domination.

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